We intend to focus on companies in the financial services and technology sectors that have competitive edges on sustainability and corporate governance and that have operations or prospective operations in the Greater China area. Consistent with our strategy, we have identified the following general criteria and guidelines that we believe are important in evaluating a prospective De-SPAC target:

  • A Market Leader with Compelling Competitive Advantage. We intend to acquire a business that has a leading industry position with compelling, sustainable competitive advantages that differentiate itself from other market players. We expect such competitive advantages to provide unique value proposition and create high technology barriers in the industry in which it operates, which may include sustainable development and good corporate governance as well as evolving and advanced technologies, brand recognition, customer reputation or other intellectual property, novel technology platform, strong research and development capabilities, innovative business model, or proprietary sourcing or distribution channels or customer access.
  • Significant Long-term Growth Prospects with Attractive Return Profile. We expect the target to have diverse, strong potential drivers of revenue growth, such as a large and growing addressable market and favorable market trends supported by secular tailwinds. In addition, as well-regarded and rigorous investors, we are dedicated to maximising our Shareholders’ investments by targeting business that is expected to produce attractive return and tremendous upsides. We have a preference for targets that have long-term growth and recurring revenue without sacrificing profitability. We would also like to seek a target that can employ technology to operate at a lower cost while producing higher quality product or services.
  • Experienced and Visionary Management. Our target is supposed to have an experienced and visionary management team that have the adequate skillsets and knowledge to operate the business as well as deep industry insights to capture the market trends and opportunities. A management team with a proven track record of success leading high growth companies to sustained profitability and creating value for their shareholders would be ideal. We also expect the target’s management team to be ethical, professional and responsible, with strong corporate values of ESG.
  • Potential Benefits from Timely Access to Public Market. An ideal target shall be able to benefit from being publicly traded and effectively utilise the broader access to capital and the public profile that are associated with being a publicly traded company. We expect that by having timely access to public market, the target can obtain adequate financings, recruit sound expertise and personnel, extend cooperation relationships, and acquire innovative technologies or supplemental businesses to grow bigger and faster.

These criteria are not intended to be exhaustive. Any evaluation of the merits of a particular De-SPAC target may be based, to the extent relevant, on these general guidelines as well as other considerations, factors and criteria that our board of directors may deem relevant.