Our mission is to generate attractive returns for our shareholders by selecting a high-quality De-SPAC target, negotiating favorable acquisition terms at an attractive valuation, and empowering our successor company to achieve substantial success post our De-SPAC transaction.

Our target identification and selection process will leverage our promoters’ and their affiliates’, our directors’, senior advisor’s and senior management’s strong network of relationships, unique industry expertise, and proven deal-sourcing and execution capabilities to provide us with a strong pipeline of potential De-SPAC targets. Our directors and senior management intend to leverage our ability to:

  • Select a high-quality De-SPAC target with meaningful growth;
  • Negotiate our De-SPAC transaction at favorable terms and an attractive valuation;
  • Empower our successor company to achieve sustainable growth.

Although we intend to acquire one De-SPAC target in connection with our De-SPAC transaction, we will not rule out any possibility of acquisition of more than one De-SPAC target, depending on many factors, including our liquidity and the attractiveness of the potential De-SPAC targets.

Overall, we believe that our ability to identify outperforming De-SPAC targets and negotiate a De-SPAC transaction at favorable terms and an attractive valuation, as well as our potential to help drive post-acquisition value creation, provide us with a considerable advantage in executing our business.